Tobacco Onions

Tobacco Onions
Tobacco Onions
Thinly sliced onions nice and crispy…yum! Serve them all alone as a side dish or top off your French onion soup for a crispy treat. The best is on a nice juicy burger with some BBQ sauce and melted cheddar. I like to serve them as a nice textural crunch over mashed potatoes, meatloaf or with steaks. There are all too many uses for the king of vegetables. The onion is the most widely used vegetable in the world.

Tobacco Onions Instructions

Tobacco Onions StepsTobacco Onions Step 1: Using a Japanese mandolin, slice the onions paper thin and set in a bowl lined with paper towels.
Tobacco Onions Step 2: Mix together all dry ingredients and place in a Ziploc bag. Place the thinly sliced onions in the bag and shake to dredge the onions completely with the seasoned flour. Fry immediately until golden brown.
Tobacco Onions Step 3: You will need to fry these for best results. There are several methods to approach this.
• Shallow fry in a sauté pan at 350°F with canola or peanut oil. You will need to cook small batches for crispy results using this method.
• Deep fry at 350°F with canola or peanut oil using a countertop fryer.
• Deep frying using a cast iron dutch oven with vegetable shortening…such as Crisco.

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