Chimichurri Sauce
I’ve been known to call this liquid gold... its rich in antioxidants & flavor!
As ketchup is to Americans, Chimichurri is to Argentineans!
It tastes great on almost everything.
Pair this sauce up with grilled skirt steak, sausages and chicken for a traditional Argentinean asado! That’s BBQ for the gringos!
Perfect for a dipping sauce for empanadas too!

Chimichurri Instructions

Chimichurri StepsChimichurri Sauce Step 1: In a blender combine the parsley, garlic, lemon juice, water and salt. Pulse until it becomes a paste, 2 minutes or so. Chimichurri Sauce Steps
Chimichurri Sauce Step 2: Pour into a bowl and whisk in the olive oil until incorporated.
Chimichurri Sauce Step 3: If you prefer a thicker sauce, emulsify the oil in the Chimichurri Stepsblender with the paste by adding the oil slowly as you blend.
Chimichurri Sauce Step 4: Add the red pepper flakes and zest at the end.
Chimichurri Sauce Step 5: Season with salt & pepper to taste.

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Chef Cynthia's Tips & Techniques: Chimichurri!