Inspector Kitchen Gadget

Inspector Kitchen GadgetWhat’s your favorite kitchen gadget? Too many to choose from? It’s time to do a little inspection and see what you’re working with.

 As a chef, I have a gadget for almost any task. Some that I use every day, and some I absolutely could not live without. Then there are some that I use only for a specific task and oh yes the “I had to have that”….the novelties! You know the ones that when you bought it, you thought was a great idea but are still in the original package waiting for a use. I have to say this article was a direct effect of just that! Digging through my cabinets and drawers can be a challenge. Luckily as a professional chef I have the dish on tools!

So here is the problem…I live in a condo with a small kitchen…yet every cabinet has a dish, pan or gadget that I seldom use. Solution…let’s put them to the test! After a full inspection of this chef’s kitchen here are my top 10 picks of who makes the cut and why!

“OMG That’s a Keeper”

1. Microplane... zest fruit, grates cheese, mince garlic, grate nutmeg... too many uses for me!
2. Stand Mixer... does all the work for you and is you mixing bowl too, priceless!
3. Cuisinart Food Processor... my sous chef! Irreplacable!
4. Japanese Mandolin... because as good as I think my knife skills are... precision cuts prevail with this king of tools!
5. OXO Y Potato Peeler... aka my kitchen Ferrari! Built for speed and ease!
6. Garlic Slicer... the only way to slice garlic thin…who doesn’t love thin sliced garlic??? Enough said!
7. Waring Commercial Blender... super easy clean up and commercial tough! Sweet, savory, alcoholic... is it happy hour yet... frozen margaritas sounds good for this task!
8. 8” Nakiri Knife... essential for almost all cutting needs, a must have!
9. Farberware Electric Frying Pan... mines 18 years old and works awesome, handles all the big jobs in this little kitchen!
10. Lemon/Lime Juicer... fresh squeezed citrus is a must in all cooking!!! Lime juice for my margarita’s... oh yeah!

“Seriously What Was I Thinking”

1. Plastic Olive Pitter... plastic is the key word, first olive and it snapped!
2. Blooming Onion Cutter... novelty item that never bloomed!
3. Metal Avocado Slicer... it’s a one size only, you can’t adjust it... so if you avocado is bigger or smaller than the cutter you are on your own!
4. Crepe Pan... this was a goodwill find, I even found the 1950’s cook book that came with it but I still struggled, ended up using a nonstick pan instead... technology wins!
5. Apple Corer... another non-sizeable item, cutting with a knife is way easier.
6. Pie Crust Cover... grasping... not even sure why I have this, never even used it?
7. The Bagel Slicer... a good ole knife does it in seconds, seriously people we can’t be that in adequate at bagel slicing... I’m sensing a How2 class... bagel slicing 101... oh my!
8. Smoothie Machine... okay the first time was great, a one hit wonder.
9. Oil Mister Spray Bottle... cool concept just too much work to keep unclogged.
10. French Green Bean Cutter... a stocking stuffer that just never had a chance!

Ok, now that I have all this free space from my gadget inspection... time for some new ones! Stay tuned the How2 kitchen is testing fearlessly!

Inspector Kitchen Gadget