Chef Cynthia

For as long as I can remember, cooking has always been part of my life. I grew up in New York in the 1970’s. Born of Irish & German descent; meat and potatoes where always on the menu!

I remember visiting the family’s butcher shop where we ate hot dogs right out of the case. The experience was amazing in so many ways from the sawdust on the floor to watching my grandfather butcher a whole pig with a surgeon’s precision.
The best part was being able to taste so many wonderful German traditions. My mom would always attempt to try to bring home fresh cold cuts like Leberkase, a liver loaf served warm from the oven and thinly sliced, which would never make it home because we couldn’t help ourselves from eating it all!
The fresh black bread…how could one resist!

Family gatherings were always a spectacle with all sorts of roasts, German bolognas and amazing side dishes. I specifically remember

everyone crowding around our grandmother to watch her make the dumplings and the gravy….no one made the gravy like Grandma. My mom always loved to cook and try new recipes. Seriously to have a child love foods like brussel sprouts, liver steaks and beets…food was serious eats in my childhood. It was early on that my love of food was evident..

Growing up in NY there was no shortage of gourmet, ethnic or amazing food products to cook with. My early jobs included working in a bakery, waitressing at numerous restaurants, cooking in a pizzeria... always around food! I even sold frozen meat packages over the phone!!

As life sometimes takes a new direction I moved to Florida in my mid 20’s and discovered a whole new world of foods. I was totally inspired by the Latin and Caribbean flavors. I took a job in the cruise industry where my love of food was also enticed. I was able to travel and eat like a queen. I was officially addicted to food. It didn’t take long for me to make the decision to change my career in travel and go to culinary school. I studied at Johnson & Wales University in North Miami, Florida where I earned an A.S. degree in culinary arts and proudly graduated in 2003 magna cum laude!!

I never looked back…it was diehard foodie time!!
With the support and dedication of my soul mate, immediately after culinary school I had the amazing opportunity to open my own restaurant! Appropriately named Destiny Inn Bar & Grille, after a cruise ship named the Destiny where we fell in love. That’s us dancing on the ship together!!

It was a very exciting time of our lives. We moved to North Carolina where we had a mountain cabin. The restaurant was a great experience and ALOT of work. We had five great years running the restaurant but sadly the economy fell to pieces and choices had to be made. Back to the tropical weather and the Florida cuisine was a no brainer for me!!

Fate and destiny ...things happen for a reason.

I still never gave up. I worked in several restaurants, resorts and hotels gaining tons of knowledge and experience. Restaurants like Hue in Orlando, Florida (voted one of the top 25 restaurants in the world at one time!), The Office in Delray Beach, Florida and finally at The Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, Florida (a Waldorf Astoria hotel) That’s a big deal to a native New Yorker!

In December 2010 after 14 years together, our fate took over and we ran off to Las Vegas and made our NEW Destiny official at The Little Chapel of the West. Of course for me the food excursions were the highlights! The wedding was of course….the best part. I love you more babe!

So after years of cooking behind the scenes in the kitchen, life once again takes me in a different direction allowing me to share my knowledge, recipes and inspirations throughout my culinary journey in a whole new way……

How2CookEverything.com…fearless cooking!!